Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions and Why They Are Meh

So it's 2014. I know this because it says so on my computer:

Last year I wrote a blog entitled "New Year's Resolutions" where I listed what I wanted to do in 2013. Well, let's go through and see what I did!

First, the positives:

Get Income: Yes! For about 4 months. Then I was laid off. Still counts!
Get an Analogue Synth: Technically yes!
Learn the basics of Parkour: Yes!
Get a vinyl DJ setup: Now this is a definite, full-on yes. 3 turntables, a ton of records, and a mixer. Need a new mixer and need to repair one of the turntables, but I have them. I've also found that DJing's much easier with sync.
Get some new instruments: Yes! I got a new guitar, a sax, a drum machine, and probably other things that I've forgotten about.

Now the neutrals:
Get an HSH, 24 fret, Floyd Rose'd guitar: No! But I think I'll just put another pup in my Jackson because that's 2/3 of the way there.
Start Xanu G&M and Xanu Records: Partially! Xanu Records is at least a thing now. I don't have the resources (read: money) to get it where I want it.
Get a modular synthesizer: Kinda! I got the Tip Top Audio Happy Ending Kit for Christmas, so it at least has started.

And, the negatives:

Complete the Xanu: No!
Complete the Triple Fiver: It's being redesigned again!
Complete the Xanu Modular: That's also being redesigned and costs more than I thought!
Complete the XA-80: That was never fully planned!
Complete the Xanu Pedals: No!
Get my own house: No!

So it appears then that I may have set too many goals, or had too high hopes. Meh. Its okay though, because this year I have two goals, one of which I've already been doing for a while now!

Goal 1: Become less lazy. This is mainly a winter thing (during which I get all emotionally down and thus get all lazy and bored and stuff), but I feel that I could have done more this year if I'd simply got up and did things. I can be good at that, but I'm usually too lazy to think to do so.

Goal 2: Become less mass...ive... I guess. Now, I've been working on this, slowly, for half a year-ish now (ever since I posted about my so-called "Saxophone Diet"). But, even with getting smaller and such, I still feel as if I'm above my target weight (which I don't actually have one of but whatever). Maybe more cycling or something.

As for side goals, All I'm really looking forward to is making money in some way some how. I have a collection of gemstones that I bought to sell and have not sold many of. I have a whole box of things I want to sell but haven't. I need to get some kind of income that lasts longer than 4 months or is at least well paying and/or full time. I mean my main goal in life is to have an epic studio in a decent house with a rather nice collection of cars in the garage, so I've got to start somewhere.

Rock on, and happy new year. Or, hey, maybe you've had too many happy new years in the past and you want to have a sad new year. The choice is yours.

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